Images from the Show

Our very talented friend Fred Kroh took this shots of us performing.  It is quite hard to capture the movementations in 1 frame – but Fred comes pretty close

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The VH1 special

I don’t think they took us seriously enough – but here is the special anyway, for you to make your own mind.

The Arhaus Story – behind the music.

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival Shows – book now

Thank you.  We are proud to be performing for the entire Comedy Festival.  The festival starts on the 30th March and continues like a beam of light until the 23rd of April.

We are very happy to be creating for you at the Lithuanian Club.  Hans Michael – saved the life of a Shih Tzu whilst tiling the roof for a grateful Lithuanian family in Munich 2003.  They promised to repay the favor one day – and here we are in Melbourne.


To see more videos, download exclusive audio tracks, and documentation of our continued explorations in Australia please go to our official website.

The test slates for the 1999 edition of Modern installation artists

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Please enjoy the following shots of our NYE show at the “Peats Ridge Festival”.  Thanks to our official snapper Matt.  He has the eye of a Moroccan cattle herder who is able to spot a single lone sheep on the horizon, looking into the sun.

Hans Michael and Pierre acessing the crowds energy

Pierre being his inner bird in "AIR"

our purpose

The bliss

Hans Michael deep into his engine room

praying to the sun pt 1

pt 2

360 degrees of art

would you like to meet for coffee and cake?

we create and you stare

Don't you want to live in a democracy?

the other one is Clauter

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